Bundy the Band


 Our studio offers mid level recording for your next single, EP or Album. We have recorded many local acts as well as podcasts and more. Email us at bundytheband@gmail.com for booking.


Mid-Level Budget Recording Studio

For up-and-coming bands and songwriters that need to record on a budget without being on the clock. Record an EP or Demo for starting bands that can’t afford expensive studio time, but can still have commercial quality. Flexible hours, smoke friendly, comfortable environment.

Styles: Rock, Indie, Punk, Hardcore, Blues, Acoustic,

Music Recording Packages: (8 hours/Day)

3-5 Song EP/Demo [Live Band Tracking]
– 1.5 Days recording (1 Full day instruments / Half day vocals and overdubs)
– 3 Live Band takes per song: Choose best take
– 1 Week turnaround with up to 2 revisions
– Backline drums provided*
– Optional Digital Mastering for CD and Downloadable/Streaming
– $300

4-5 Song EP [Live or Click Track]
– 3 Days recording – Drums primary, Instruments, Vocals
– 2 Weeks turnaround with 3 revisions
– Backline drums provided*/optional
– $400

1-2 Song Single [Live or Click Track]
– ¾ Day recording – Drums primary, Instruments, Vocals
– 3 Days turnaround with 2 revisions
– Backline drums provided*/optional
– $150 (1 song click track or 2 song live band)

Other Offers: Recording your own project
Drum Tracking for Logic X / Protools projects
– Need to record drums in a room better than a rehearsal or garage space?
– Record 10-14 channels for drums
– Standard and mid-level industry microphones and preamps
– Backline Drum Kit provided*/optional
– $20/hr – (2 hours minimum)

*Drummer brings own Snare, Cymbals, Sticks, Hihat stand.

HOUSE KIT: ’72 Ludwig
26” Kick, 12” Tom, 16” Floor Tom, Snare stand
Boom Crash stand,
Combo Ride Stand w/ Crash option,
DW5000 Kick pedal

Microphones and Preamps:

Outboard Preamps:
Focusrite Octapre Platinium
Universal Audio Solo610
DBX Vocal Preamp

AKG: 414, c3000b
Audix: D6, UEM81c
Electro Voice RE20
Octava ML52 Ribbon
Rode NT5
Sennheiser: e604, e609
Shure: Beta52, Beta57, KSM27, SM57, SM58

In order to get the best result out of our performances, some things must be left outside of the studio. Alcohol is permitted, but please be responsible in getting the most out of our time by not getting wasted. Smoking is okay, but nothing harder than weed for the same reasons above. Obviously, have your songs thought out to be efficient on time, but there is room to experiment on the tracks. There will only be one point of contact per band on edits and revisions: bandleader or front person. As it states from the very start, this is a budget studio.