Bundy the Band

Bundy The Podcast - Interviews with local music around Los Angeles and Orange County

Bundy the Podcast! We invite musicians from around our area to come in and have a conversation with us about Music, Life, and all the crazy things that come with playing music. Bundy is an alternative Indie Rock band from Long Beach, CA. Also Podcasting local bands from all around Los Angeles and Orange County.

Big Bad Roosters' Michael Solan isn't a redneck

Michael Solan of Big Bad Rooster joins us to talk Bluegrass, Sublime, and shopping at Lazy Acres. Find them at bigbadroostermusic.com or michaelsolanmusic.com

Bundy is a podcast, but Bundy is mostly a band! You can find BUNDY's latest album BASTARD PERFORMER on Itunes, Spotify, and wherever you stream music. or everything can be found at www.Bundylbc.com

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Featured Music by Nova Shores.

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