Bundy the Band



Time stands still in honeydew
and the wind can blow right through you
but ive got a good man to keep me warm at night
you could almost forget you were in paradise

Well they give us a bed and give us something to eat
the nicest folks here that you ever did meet
well you could go the whole day and never see the sunshine
well you could almost forget you were in paradise

we can get our pay and go into the town
find the warmest bar and throw our money around
we been working so hard we gotta treat ourselves nice
before we ever forget we were in paradise

oh my back is breaking
you know my hands are aching
but if we stay here one more week
make the money that wee need
then wed be truly happy

time stands still in honeydew
time stands still in honeydew
well it looks so real that you gotta look twice
yeah i almost forgot I was in paradise


Released August 30, 2018
Recorded by: Brian Frederick and Casey Jones at Hybrid Studios (and Johnny Lim at the bundy bungalo)
Written By Rachel Rufrano
Mixed and Mastered by Brian Frederick at Hybrid Studios