Bundy the Band

Enough To Know


wake up Wake Up Wake up Im bleeding from my nose once again. I guess I might have drank way too much with my new friends. I spit I spit I spit But can’t get the taste out of my mouth. I think too much about death or at least thats what you keep saying

I weep I weep I weep At moments that I cannot explain. I flip I flip I flip And theres no reason for the change. I scream and scream and scream Inside of my head till it bursts. And nothing that you say can get me to back up off the edge

I’m only aware enough to know. I have a self destructive bone.

I Wallow In my own mess because its the one that ive made. I act I act I act like I deserve a fuckin parade. When I dont ruin something beautiful for once in my life. I look in back of me and wonder why I haven't arrived

I’m only aware enough to know

I have a self destructive bone