Bundy the Band

Bastard Performer

BASTARD PERFORMER is an ode to the sinister feeling of expectations. Of feeling inadequate, unsatisfied, and alone. “A lot of this album is about growing up in a broken home. Some of it is political. I thought a lot about my own struggles in life, writing these songs.”

The title track of the album, says Serna, is about the deep feelings he gets on stage of thinking “What is the point of this? Am I playing to a room full of people who don’t care at all? Does anyone care about me? or am I just stuck in this anxiety?”

“During the last two years, Long Beach’s Bundy has risen to the top of the city’s thriving alternative music scene. Aside from putting on fiery live shows, the group has been releasing a steady stream of EPs, each more impressive than the last. So it’s no surprise that the band’s debut full-length Bastard Performer arrives as one of the best pieces of indie rock out of Southern California in recent memory. Bastard delivers the recording quality and polished production a band like Bundy deserves, and presents the quartet at their tightest. Here they’ve truly found their sound, and Bastard is absolutely brimming with driving rhythms, sophisticated guitar and vocals approaching such intensity that they sometimes sound like a personal exorcism. Songs like the vast, spacey title track or the lush “Kerosene” capture the band at the peak of their performance, crackling with a newfound electricity. It’s rare to hear a debut record that captures a band’s live presence so well, but Bastard Performer showcases Bundy’s rich and powerful style perfectly.”

—Simon Weedn (LA RECORD)